sad and worried older woman

Abuse can affect anyone, including the elderly. Declining health and need for care put the elderly at risk of abuse by not only partners, but caregivers as well.

As depicted in the Power and Control Wheel for Abuse in Later Life, examples of elder abuse can include withholding medication, taking Social Security checks, threats to institutionalize or remove from an institution, and refusal to take the victim to medical appointments.

Like other victims of domestic violence, the elderly may be hesitant to report abuse out of fear. They may be afraid that they will be left with no caregiver or place to live, that other family members will be upset with them, or that the abuse will intensify.

Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA provides the same level of services to the elderly as we do anyone else who is being abused. If you have concerns about an elderly victim who does not have access to our services, contact the Area Agency on Aging.

The following websites contain additional information specific to abuse in later life:

Power and Control Wheel. Abuse in later life can consist of: emotional abuse, isolation, neglect, abusing dependencies, threats, using family, sexual abuse and exploitation.

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