Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is the shelter a big room full of cots?
A:  No! Both of our shelters are large, older homes, and we strive to make them feel as homey and comfortable as possible. There are several bedrooms with a varying number of beds in the building.

Q:  Am I allowed to go to work and / or appointments?
A:  Yes. The purpose of the shelter is not only to provide a safe place to stay, but also an opportunity to achieve your goals. Shelter residents may come and go as they please throughout the day. Additionally, transportation to goal-related appointments may be available from shelter staff.

Q:  Are there specific meal times? Am I allowed to cook?
A:  There are no required meal times, and the staff do not prepare meals. Women in shelter are not required to prepare meals for other residents. Women may cook whatever they would like for themselves or their family at any time they wish.

Q:  Am I allowed to use my cell phone in the shelter?
A:  Yes. Residents who have cell phones may keep them and use them when they wish.

Q:  Will I sleep in a different room than my children?
A:  No. Families are always kept together in the same bedroom

Q:  I share custody of my children. Are they able to come to the shelter during the times I have them?
A:  Yes. Additionally, the staff will make necessary accommodations when children stay for visitation so that children are in the same bedroom as their mother.

Q:  How many people are staying in the shelter?
A:  The number of people staying in the shelter at any given time changes frequently. Our Washington County shelter has a 15-bed capacity, and our Fayette County shelter has a 13-bed capacity.

Q:  Are there rules in the shelter?
A:  Yes. We strive to empower the women in shelter to make their own decisions. The shelter guidelines are in place to promote safety and confidentiality for all those in shelter. For a complete list, download our shelter rules page.

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