In with the blue…..

NO_MORE_STACK_RGB.jpgThis October, DVSSP will be embracing the No Campaign and integrating the blue symbol of a vanishing point into its Domestic Violence Awareness Month efforts. We stand firm in our believe that “together we can end domestic violence and sexual assault” and we hope to inspire you to join us and say #NOMORE this October as well!

What is NO MORE?

NO MORE is a groundbreaking symbol, like the pink breast cancer ribbon and the red AIDS  ribbon, designed to galvanize change and radically increase the awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault in our communities.

What does the NO MORE symbol mean?

The signature blue vanishing point originated from the concept of a zero – as in zero incidences of domestic violence and sexual assault.  The smaller, inner circle of the vanishing point symbolizes moving toward our end goal when, “Together we can end domestic violence and sexual assault.”

What about the purple ribbon from the past?

Forgoing the option of a colored ribbon allows advocates to set NO MORE apart as a unique and distinctive brand. It also allows the general public to see the connection between domestic violence and sexual assault by uniting advocates under one umbrella, for their mutual benefit, for the first time.


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