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Dr. Christian Conte of Spike TV’s “Coaching Bad” says NO MORE

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” ¬†~Edmund Burke

At DVSSP, we acknowledge men as part of the solution in ending intimate partner violence. Men holding other men accountable for their actions is the first step toward creating powerful and long-lasting social change. Help us start the ripple…



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5 Things Men Can Do To Engage In Their Community

Domestic violence does not discriminate. It occurs within all racial, economic, educational, and religious backgrounds. Both women and men can be the victims of domestic violence, but statistically, women are overwhelmingly the victims, while men are the perpetrators. This does not mean that all men are abusive towards women. In fact, most men are not. However, just because all men are not part of the problem does not mean that men cannot be part of the solution. To make a difference in your community, here are five things you can do to aid in the efforts to prevent and end domestic violence.

  • Encourage local churches or faith groups to develop one activity to focus on stopping violence against women and promoting healthy manhood.
  • Commit to scheduling a speaker from DVSSP to provide information about preventing violence in relationships to at least one organization of which you are a member.
  • Advocate for all local middle school and high school sports coaches to attend or schedule a training on violence against women and girls.
  • Host an Annual Event (Pancake Breakfast or Lunch) to help men raise awareness about violence against women and recruit other men to participate.
  • Give your time, talents, gifts, and resources to DVSSP as a volunteer.


We would love to hear any ideas you may have to help us raise awareness of domestic violence. If you plan to host an event, please contact the Education and Training Department at DVSSP so that we can support your efforts in ending domestic violence. The Education and Training Department can be contacted at or by calling the following phone number:

Washington County: 724-223-5477
Greene County: 724-852-2373
Fayette County: 724-437-2530





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