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doctor with female patient

Medical providers can play an important role in working to stop domestic violence.

Whether during a routine visit or in an emergency situation, hospital or clinic, many victims of domestic violence never tell the medical providers that they are being hurt at home.

Providers may be unaware of the services offered and resources available to them and to their patients. Meeting with patients in private, confidential settings provides an ideal opportunity to discuss domestic violence. Remember, talking with you may be the first time the victim has told anyone about the abuse. Consider placing one of our tear-offs where your patients will have access to it. To download and print a tear-off, visit our Brochures / Tear-offs page.

DVSSP offers presentations, literature for posting or distribution, and informational packets designed specifically for you as a medical professional. In addition, if you are an EMS Continuing Education Sponsor and would like to offer the course “Diagnosis: Domestic Violence” (Course No. 000786), we are able to provide a certified trainer for this. Please contact the Education and Training Department at EduTrain@peacefromdv.org or call the office nearest you for more information.

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