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Many victims of domestic violence and their families often turn to the faith community for guidance and comfort. Do your part by becoming informed. Download an information sheet on How Can You Help.

The Education & Training Department of DVSSP can help by offering free, confidential presentations tailored to your needs.

Presentations can by conducted during Sunday school, Bible study and other religious meetings, gatherings, or services.

Recognize the impact of domestic violence on children. Visit our Effect on Children page. Involve the youth by scheduling age-appropriate programs to the children of your community. View a list of programs available for youth on our Schools / Educational Institutions page.

Dating violence is also a form of domestic violence. Youth group leaders – educate your youth on healthy and unhealthy relationships. Visit our Dating Violence page for more information and our Brochures / Tear-offs page to download our Teen Dating Violence brochure.

For reaching the entire congregation, a “Minute for Mission” is always an option as well as utilizing a bulletin insert. Download and print our current bulletin insert.

Initiate concern through informal discussion among both faith and lay leaders. Call together interested people to learn about the resources available in your community and then post and distribute any informational brochures and materials.

Corporately, many denominations take a position of standing up against violence. Please contact your leaders to learn your denomination’s stance on this issue that affects a woman every 15 seconds in the United States.

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