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Are you a parent or educator wanting to prevent unhealthy relationships for your child or student?

Contact your local DVSSP Education & Training office to arrange a speaker for your next Parent/Teacher Organization meeting or your next in-service or Act 80 Day.

Dating Violence programs can be offered as individual presentations and to younger audiences as needed.

To download and print a brochure that explains the school programs we offer, visit our Brochures / Tear-offs page.

Free Presentations

The Education & Training Department offers a variety of “violence-free” presentations to students. Contact the office nearest you to arrange for one of these free presentations.

Pre-K through Middle School:

  • two girls pointing fingers and laughing at a sad boyFeelings
     Students will
    √  be able to identify the various feelings a person may have.
    √  gain an understanding of ways people handle feelings.
    √  become familiar with techniques to help use their feelings in a constructive way.
  • Bullying
    Students will
    √  learn the difference between bullying and conflict.
    √  understand the various parts people can play in bullying situations.
    √  become more aware of how to help themselves or others when it comes to bullying.
  • Conflict Resolution
    Students will
    √  gain an understanding of what conflict and resolution mean.
    √  come to understand what can cause conflict.
    √  become familiar with ways to handle conflict in a healthy manner.
  • Self-Esteem
    Students will
    √  understand what self-esteem is.
    √  learn how self-esteem affects a person.
    √  become familiar with ways in which they can improve their self-esteem.
  • Communication
    Students will
    √  understand what it means to be a good communicator.
    √  acquire techniques to become a good communicator.
    √  learn that good observation and listening skills are key parts in good communication.

Middle School-College:

  • teens laughing at a girl who looks sadDating Violence
    Student will
    √  learn relationship “red flags.”
    √  understand how technology can be used to control a partner.
    √  know how and where to get help if they or someone they know is in an unhealthy relationship.

Are you a college student wanting to make a positive impact on your campus or within your community?

Contact your local DVSSP Education & Training office to arrange a speaker for your next club meeting or to learn more about available service projects. If your schooling requires that you complete an internship, see our intern job description.

You will need Adobe Reader to open PDF files.  Get Reader here.

Are you a coach who would like to see aggressive behavior limited to the playing field?

Contact your local DVSSP Education & Training office to arrange a speaker for your next coaches or team meeting or find information on the Coaching Boys Into Men program by visiting our Male Involvement page.

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