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Leaving a violent situation often generates another set of very complicated issues for the victim.

How will I take care of the kids? What about money? Are there legal steps to help keep us safe? Where will we live? What about a job? Will medical costs be covered?

The Education & Training Department of DVSSP recognizes that domestic violence victims often need assistance from other social service agencies. We also recognize that case loads are often great and time is often limited for those who provide additional services.

Therefore, DVSSP offers in-service trainings to the staff or clientele of social service agencies that may be working with domestic violence victims.

You will learn

  • what domestic violence is.
  • why someone may choose to stay.
  • what services DVSSP offers.
  • how to appropriately refer the client to us for services.
  • the effects of domestic violence on children.
  • about any domestic violence issue in which you are interested.

Training times and topics will be tailored to suit your needs.

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