Too Apparel’s Holiday Drive

tooDVSSP is part of Too Apparel’s Holiday Drive! Buy a pair, give a pair! 

Underwear is the most needed and most under-donated article of clothing in the United States.  Women trying to reclaim their lives often arrive to shelters with just the clothes on their back.  Too Apparel sells comfortable women’s underwear.  Too Apparel donates a pair of new underwear to a women & children’s shelter for every pair you purchase, so you get a pair and a woman in need does too.  The first four styles are hipster underwear, thong underwear, bikini underwear and brief underwear.

Most shelters depend on donations for clothing and most people donate used clothes but, for obvious reasons, shelters do not accept used underwear.  This leaves a shortage of new/clean undies at many shelters.  Too Apparel’s mission is to make sure survivors of domestic violence and other women in need have the basic necessity many of take for granted, clean underwear.  Love/Shop/Give

Shop using promo code “DVSPA” at 

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