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What is Domestic Violence / Intimate Partner Violence?

DV/IPV is a pattern of coercive control that includes the use of physical abuse or threat of physical abuse, emotional/psychological abuse, sexual abuse, stalking, threats against others, and/or economic abuse.

DV/IPV is a pattern of behaviors and not usually a single incident. It is not about someone having a bad day and losing it on a single occasion. It’s about the strategic use of an ever-changing variety of “rules” and behaviors.

DV/IPV takes place in the context of an intimate partner relationship or a former intimate relationship. The person who is the target of the abuse trusts, loves, and cares deeply about the person who is hurting them.

Batterers use whatever combination of strategies necessary to maintain control. What worked yesterday may not work today, so the strategy changes or the strategies are always changing to keep the victim focused on what the abuser may do next.

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