woman with head bent

There may be many reasons a woman has for not leaving an abusive relationship. These may include:

  • Religious or cultural beliefs
  • Economic dependency
  • Isolation from support systems
  • Shame of everyone knowing
  • Hesitation to involve other agencies (i.e. police)
  • She has children
  • Unaware of help available to her
  • Blames herself, outsiders blame her
  • Denies or minimizes the abuse
  • Abuser makes promises to change
  • Abuser is not always abusive
  • Does not want to be alone
  • LOVES her partner
  • FEAR! Abuser may threaten her, her friends or family

Simply leaving does not stop the abuse. Statistics show that leaving often escalates the situation.  Safety planning is vital at this point.  Please see the safety planning page of our website for assistance. http://www.peacefromdv.org/safety-planning/.

What is more troubling is why we as a society ask “Why does she stay?” instead of asking the more appropriate question “Why does he choose to abuse her?” Isn’t it time that we place the blame for an abusive relationship not on the victim, but on the abuser?

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