Listed below are items that we are currently in need of. These are separated by the counties that they are needed in. Instructions on how to reach us concerning donations are below each county’s specific needs. Please check back often as we update this list on a regular basis.

All counties are in need of:

copy paper correction tape
tape stamps
thick-tip black sharpies Lysol spray
self-lamination paper card stock
sugar pocket umbrellas

Washington and Fayette counties are in need of:

paper towels coffee
latex gloves baskets
ethnic hair care products ladies summer pjs
bathroom cleaner
Tylenol/Advil PM

Washington County is in need of:

Windex Nyquil
Mr. Clean Erasers dishwasher detergent
pill boxes am/pm Tylenol/Advil PM and ibuprofen
 batteries Рsize AA & AAA toilet bowl cleaner

Call 724-225-9811 in Washington County to arrange for a donation drop-off.

Greene County is in need of:

bottled water teal lights
blank labels masking tape

Please call 724-852-2373 to arrange for a donation drop-off in Greene County.

Fayette County is in need of:

ethnic hair care dryer sheets
sponges Drano
Lysol shower curtains
trash bags- 33 gal

For donations in Fayette County, call 724-208-5529 for drop-off site and times.

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