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Mom and son walking to school

Children and Domestic Violence

Learn how domestic violence can impact children and how to talk with your child about developing a plan for safety.

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Dating Violence

Learn about what dating violence is, the red flags that a relationship might not be safe, and how to get involved in making a difference in your school and community.

Is This You? Is This Your Partner?

Learn about what domestic violence is and the warning signs that your relationship might be unsafe.

Protection from Abuse Orders

Learn what a Protection from Abuse (PFA) order is and how to file one.

People woman hand desk

Safety Planning

Learn different ways to stay safe in an abusive relationship. Whether you decide to stay in the relationship or leave it, your safety is a top priority!

Woman comforting woman

There is a Safe Place

Learn more about DVSSP services and how to contact us.

Range Resources Employee Volunteer Painting


Learn about ways to get involved as a volunteer at DVSSP.

24/7 Helpline1-800-791-4000