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Change the world and make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Choosing to take time out of your day and giving that time to an organization whose work you value is a big step. It takes a special kind of person to volunteer. Choosing DVSSP as a place to volunteer gives you an opportunity to change the world and make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Individual Volunteer Efforts

To help DVSSP's Prevention & Outreach efforts, you can get involved by:

  • Playing games that teach communication skills to kids at summer camps
  • Speaking to students and you hear one say that they see themselves in your examples of abuse
  • Offering a person produce from a garden you helped plant
  • Distributing yards sign to publicize Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  • Helping organize an event that raised enough money to cover salaries for two staff members
  • Staffing an information table at community events where you never know whose life you can touch

To make a positive impact on people’s lives, you can work directly with clients by:

  • Sitting alongside a survivor during a court hearing
  • Throwing a party for the kids at the safe house
  • Helping a survivor as they search for housing and then handing them the keys to their new home
  • Helping survivors address their experiences by facilitating a support group
  • Helping people create a path forward that leads them to a life free from abuse
  • Supporting a survivor on a hotline call and when it ends you hear the words, “Thank you” and you know that they are feeling better because of your help

Depending on which avenue of volunteering you choose, there are different requirements. 

  • The most extensive requirements include the following:
  • Complete an application and interview process
  • Attend 45+ hours of domestic violence training
  • Obtain Act 33/34/FBI clearances
  • Commit to at least an average of two hours per week
  • Complete eight hours of continuing education annually
  • Be 18 years or older

Range Resources Employee Volunteer Painting

Group Volunteer Efforts

If you are part of a group, club, or business that has an interest in giving back to your community, there are countless opportunities for you at DVSSP. An easy way for your group to become involved is by doing one-time projects. These projects are vital to our organization, and they allow you to have a positive impact on the community. Even if your time is limited, there are opportunities for you. No project is too big or too small.

Some examples of possible projects are:

  • Yard and/or building maintenance
  • Creating and/or planting a garden
  • Painting
  • Donation and/or funding drives
  • Distributing Domestic Violence Awareness Month signs

learn more about volunteer opportunities

Reach out to our team at 724-223-5477 or at

24/7 Helpline1-800-791-4000