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Therapy Services

Who We Help

DVSSP offers therapy services to those who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence. Our therapy services provide you with free, confidential, and specialized trauma therapy to help you manage the impacts and reduce the symptoms of the trauma you’ve experienced.

What Happens When You Contact Us

You will be connected with one of two therapists who have specialized training in trauma treatment approaches and domestic violence. We can schedule a time for you to meet with one of our therapists in person or through a virtual HIPAA-compliant platform. We work with you to accommodate your schedule.

Types of Therapy

Domestic violence is a recognized form of abuse and mental health trauma. It can lead to trauma symptoms such as nightmares, ruminating thoughts, flashbacks, exhaustion, confusing feelings, and more. Along with traditional talk therapy, our trained therapists use specialized trauma and somatic approaches to assist you in decreasing symptoms of trauma, while successfully reclaiming your emotional wellbeing, moving from surviving to thriving.

Some of the specialized trauma and somatic approaches our therapists use alongside traditional talk therapy include Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). These are evidence-based trauma treatments specifically designed to address trauma. Both treatments incorporate bilateral stimulation such as tapping or moving the eyes.

To complement individual therapy, DVSSP's Therapy Services also offer weekly virtual group therapy. Groups are held in the evening and participants are welcome to turn cameras off and/or use a made up name to accommodate their comfort level.

Trauma does not occur in isolation — and healing does not happen in isolation either. Through group therapy experience, group members learn more about domestic violence dynamics and healing, connect with others, process emotions, and experience healing through the support and connection with others.

Learn about the therapy services we offer

If you want to learn more about the therapy services we offer, please call our helpline at one of the numbers below or email our therapy department at

24/7 Helpline1-800-791-4000