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Engaging Men

At DVSSP, we know that not all men are abusive. 

In fact, statistics show that only about 14% of men use power and control to abuse their partner. However, a silent majority helps nobody and we believe that it's essential for men who do not abuse to hold other men accountable.

If men do not speak up and discuss the issue of domestic violence, then the abuse will never end.

At DVSSP, we offer programming designed to engage men in the conversation by helping them understand what domestic violence is and what their role is in preventing it from occurring.

DVSSP offers this program anywhere men come together whether that be a men’s group at a faith organization, fraternal organizations, or during a group session at an in-patient treatment program. This program is designed to educate participants about domestic violence, discuss why people abuse, and what men can do to help prevent abuse in our communities.

Schedule a Speaker

To talk with someone about scheduling a speaker to discuss how men can get involved in ending and preventing domestic violence, contact the Prevention & Outreach Department at 724-223-5477 or

24/7 Helpline1-800-791-4000