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Middle School Programs

Safe Dates

Safe Dates Curriculum for Eighth Grade

This is a multi-session curriculum that deals with attitudes and behaviors associated with dating abuse and violence. Safe Dates is a research-based program with strong, long-term outcomes.

Defining Caring Relationships

Through a bingo game and class discussions, students are introduced to the Safe Dates program, and they consider how they’d like to be treated in dating relationships.

Defining Dating Abuse

Through the discussion of scenarios and the review of statistics, students clearly define what dating abuse is.

Why Do People Abuse?

Through large and small group discussions and the review of scenarios, students identify the causes and consequences of dating abuse.

How to Help Friends

Through a decision-making exercise, a dramatic reading, and the introduction of the “Friends Wheel,” students learn why it’s difficult to leave abusive relationships and how to help a friend in an abusive relationship.

Helping Friends

Through stories and role-playing, students practice skills for helping friends who are experiencing abuse or confronting friends who are abusive partners.

How We Feel, How We Deal

Through the use of a feelings diary and discussion of “hot buttons,” students learn how to recognize and effectively handle their anger so it doesn’t lead to abusive behavior.

Equal Power Through Communication

Students learn the four SAFE skills for effective communication and practice these skills in various role plays.

Reviewing the Safe Dates Program

Through discussion, evaluation, and a poster contest, students will review the Safe Dates program. This session is only offered as a final session for students if all sessions have been facilitated. 

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