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BringLove365 and Bloom365 Curriculum

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The BringLove365 curriculum from Bloom365 consists of research-based, evidence informed, and teen relevant lessons to enhance the confidence, skills and knowledge of students to build safe and healthy relationships, free of abuse and violence. Lessons, called “doses,” are delivered in-person and online in schools and community settings by trained BLOOM365 Advocates or certified facilitators from member schools and organizations across the U.S.

Dose 1-Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships

The first dose focuses on defining healthy vs. unhealthy relationships and starts the conversation on dating abuse.

Dose 2- Red Flags

The second dose helps students understand how to recognize red flags, respond to a friend who discloses abuse, and make a referral to a trusted adult.

Dose 3-Root Causes

The third dose introduces the concept of root causes of domestic violence to students.

Dose 4-Media Literacy and Social Acceptance

The fourth dose discusses media and societal influences on the acceptance of domestic violence.

Dose 5-Self-Esteem

The fifth dose helps students understand what self-esteem is and how to improve it.

Dose 6-3 C’s of Healthy Relationships

The sixth dose helps students understand the 3 C’s of healthy relationships; communication, conflict resolution, and consent.

Dose 7: 4 D’s of bystander Intervention

The seventh does introduces the 4 D’s of bystander intervention; direct, distract, delegate, and delay.

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